Afternoon Tea

Friday, January 08, 2016

Next to brunch, afternoon tea has to be one of my favorite daytime activities. The setting is beautiful and you just feel a bit fancy - who wouldn't want that? You're also presented with the most delicious options - sweet and savory treats that are perfectly dainty and bite-sized, and not to mention, all the different types of tea to choose from! It's impossible to leave unhappy :)

The day after Christmas, my sis-in-law Sarah and I surprised our mother-in-law, Chris, with afternoon tea and I'm thrilled to say the experience was so amazing. Tea Upon Chatsworth in San Diego, California will be a place we'll never forget!

Upon being seated, we were presented with Christmas crackers! How cute? A popular tradition in England, two people would pull from each end to see who gets the prize in the middle :) We saved these for Carson!

The Frick women getting crazy and starting with a glass of sparkling cider ;)

The tea cups were so darling! We each had our own unique tea cup and saucer. The whole setting was so impressive.

Chris catching me in my element! I was so excited to take photos for the blog :)

The first course was a butternut squash soup and it was absolutely delicious. I would have to say one of the best I've had.

 We decided to go with 5 tea choices - Coconut Cream (our favorite), Heaven Scent (a green tea blend), Blueberry Ginger (herbal), Orange Grapefruit (herbal), and Lavender Earl Grey (black tea).

The 3-tier stand overflowed with so many delicious tea sandwiches and treats. I can't remember everything we had, but my favorites were the chicken pesto and red pepper tea sandwich along with the buttermilk scone :)

Oh, and the double chocolate chip gelato was also my favorite! It was rich, silky and the flavor was amazing.

We were only blocks away from the ocean so of course we had to check out the view! It was super windy that day and our hair barely managed for a photo, but we did it! Afternoon tea was so much fun and we were all really grateful for a ladies' day. Having such loving and caring in-laws really make the world of difference and I'm thankful to have them in my life :)

That's it for my San Diego posts! Hope you loves have a great weekend! Stay tuned next week for all things 2016 :)

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