A San Diego Christmas

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Before I start diving into new content for 2016, I wanted to give you guys a quick recap of my Christmas in San Diego. 

The hubby comes from a military family so depending on where everyone is stationed, it can be very difficult to get everyone together for the holidays. This year, however, we somehow managed to do it. We were still missing a few family members due to them living overseas, but I'm confident we'll make it happen one day!

The week was filled with a lot of family time, food, and board/card games! I didn't grow up playing board games so it's safe to say I'm always learning something new with the Frick family :) And if you're curious, we played Clue, Life, Uno, Battle of the Sexes, and Hedbanz! I got first place in Life...you can ask my husband ;)

Of course Christmas morning was spent opening gifts! How CUTE is my nephew, Carson? Matt and I got him that polar bear santa hat before finding out he doesn't actually enjoy wearing hats. Surprisingly, he wore it all morning, which made me so excited! He gives the best hugs in case you're wondering :)

Of course you can't have Christmas without a special Christmas dinner! My sis-in-law, Sarah, brought out her beautiful China set for the occasion. I never thought to place my napkin between the plates - definitely a tip I'll be taking!

Dinner was absolutely DELICIOUS. My father-in-law made his famous Caesar Salad and let me tell you, it is the BEST. You would be crazy to go back to bottled dressing if you've had this salad.

I'm a huge fan of roasted brussel sprouts and these were so good! The perfect veggie to go with everything.

Prime rib that was perfectly cooked by my bro-in-law! We ate well on Christmas.

I don't remember the name, but Sarah made her potato side dish and it was unbelievable! Potatoes are my favorite in general, but this dish took it to a whole new level.

Family photo with my trusty timer! It was a great dinner and we were all stuffed by the end of it.

My mother-in-law, Chris, loves taking photos! She sent me a few from our day on Coronado Island, which is a beautiful place and a must-see if you ever find yourself in San Diego.

The weather was definitely on the cooler side, especially compared to temps in Tampa. It was nice to spend Christmas bundled up so I wasn't complaining :)

That's it for the recap! I'll have one more San Diego post to share with you guys and then it's all about 2016, which means healthy recipes, new style posts and more life of a military wife :)

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