International Night

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being a military spouse is such a huge part of who I am so I thought it would be fun to change it up and share with you guys a little glimpse into my life :) Although they are so many aspects to this lifestyle, one of the perks is being able to attend all the fun events on base!

Last week we attended International night, which is an event where all the coalition partners from CENTCOM get together and celebrate all the different cultures with tons of food and drinks. The hubs and I really enjoyed it last year and knew this year would be no different. It's always nice to be on base for other reasons than the commissary or base exchange (although they have their perks as well!).

Korea was our first stop and definitely my favorite plate! Thankfully, we arrived early and the lines weren't long yet. This was our strategy for this year :)

Poutine from Canada! I still feel like I need to try a proper poutine, but this was pretty tasty.

We stopped by Turkey, I believe, and this little girl was the cutest. All the countries had representatives and some had children dressed in traditional attire helping out with their table.

The sunset was gorgeous that night! This photo did not do it justice :)

We ended the night at France for dessert of course. Macarons are my favorite and these hit the spot.

The night was festive and the food was delicious! It's crazy to think next year will be the last time we'll attend this event. I'm still adjusting to all the moving around that comes with being in the military, but it also reminds me to enjoy the time that I have now!

If you happen to be a military spouse like me, how often have you moved? And how did you start preparing? If you're not in the military, but have moved around a lot, I would love to know your thoughts as well :)

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