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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Happy November! Needless to say, this month is a special one. Not only does it include my absolute favorite holiday, but it also marks the first of my holiday travels and I am SO excited. It will be a busy month for sure so bear with me as I do my best to get blog posts up :)

My first stop is Michigan to see my best friend/sister and the cutest baby boy ever, my nephew! As I prepare for this trip, I thought it would be fun to share with you all of my carry-on essentials. I mean, it only seemed natural :) All of my items are pretty standard, but things that I absolutely need during a flight. I'm hoping this helps all those who are new to traveling and need some tips on what to pack.

Small Carry-On Essentials:

1. Travel Bag - Besides my suitcase, I like to carry a larger purse as my smaller carry-on to hold all the things I need at hand's reach. Currently, I'm loving this reversible faux-leather tote.  

2. Book/Magazine/Kindle - Any of these 3 are a must. Unless you have work to do :) I'm currently reading a sequel to one of my favorites.

3. Headphones - Noise-canceling is the only way. They are worth the investment, especially for those who travel often.

4. Hand Lotion - Be sure to find one that is travel-sized, but the one I'm currently loving quickly absorbs into the skin and has the freshest clean scent. It also looks like you can get two for the price of one! Travel size also available.

5. Lip Balm - Since the air gets really dry inside an airplane, I always like to make sure I'm taking care of my pout with an ultra-moisturizing balm

6. Eye drops - If you wear contacts like I do, you get what I'm saying. All you need is a drop or two of this miracle solution.

7. Water - HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. I like to drink water before heading out the door and then purchasing my own once I've gone through security checkpoint.

8. Snack - Depending on your flight schedule, this could leave you eating at odd meal times. That's why I love carrying a healthy snack to hold me over. 

9. Dry Shampoo - For those longer flights, sometimes you just need a mini refresh of that perfect hair day. You'll understand why it's my current obsession.

10. Blanket Scarf - Is it just me or is it always freezing during a flight? Add extra warmth with this cold-weather staple. I can't live without mine!

What are some of your travel essentials?

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