Di Coffee Bar

Sunday, October 18, 2015

So many of my travel memories consist of coffee shops where I'm sitting down with the hubs and enjoying a cup of my usual. Of course, that also involves me asking him why he doesn't love sweets as much as I do, but that's besides the point :) Dessert is always better when it's shared though, wouldn't you agree?

I've made it a mission of mine to find great cafes and coffee shops throughout my travels and I have to say, Tampa's coffee scene has yet to disappoint. With options like Oxford Exchange and Buddy Brew,  it's easy for anyone to find their perfect spot, but I'm here to talk about another favorite of mine - Di Coffee Bar. Located on Davis Islands, this cafe is a fairly new addition to the already charming neighborhood, and perfect if you're looking for a change from your bustling coffee shop. 

As soon as you walk inside, you're immediately welcomed by the staff who are not only knowledgeable, but super friendly.  And the decor is absolutely beautiful - rustic, yet modern, with home furnishings that are actually for sale. From my understanding, the space is shared with a local company that sells these pieces and believe me when I say you'll be tempted to buy EVERYTHING. It's cozy, comfortable, and perfect if you need to work or study with plenty of seating and large tables. Not to mention, outdoor seating that's pet-friendly :) 

Pressed Caprese and Avocado Sandwich (left); Pressed Pesto and Ham Sandwich (right)

I normally order my almond milk latte, while the hubby orders his usual black and every time it comes out just right.  And if you're hungry, they have everything from pastries to cheese plates and sandwiches that will satisfy your tastebuds - I swear you can't go wrong with this place! 

With just under 2 years left in Tampa, I know I'll find myself a frequent customer here at DCB so don't miss out! If you ever find yourself in the Tampa Bay area, do yourself a favor and check this place out - you won't be disappointed :)

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