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Friday, October 02, 2015

With all the traveling Matt and I do, food has definitely become such a huge part of our lives and creating those memories for us. Not only do we love to cook and eat...a lot, but we love the idea of "an experience."  And when we get to surround ourselves with others who share that mutual love, well, it makes it that much better. 

I heard about Chanse's Chef's Table a couple of months ago through my friend Jenn and when she reached out to me about September's event, I knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate the hubby's birthday. I mean, a 6-course dinner guaranteed to leave your palates satisfied and your bellies full? We're in.

The evening started off with a Chef's Choice charcuterie platter as well as two surprise apps freshly-caught by one of the guests - Asian chili-infused Cobia (top) and Red Snapper with chives and truffle oil (bottom). Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures of the charcuterie, but you can check that out on their Facebook Page! Both of these starters really set the tone of how wonderfully delicious the rest of the night was going to be. 

Next up, a dish that really made my eyes gleam with excitement was the Oxtail Soup. A tomato-based soup that hit all the right taste buds - savory and so much flavor. 

The salad course - a Charred Romaine Salad topped with pico de gallo was accompanied by a pan-fried duck breast, drizzled with a truffle-citrus vinaigrette - a dish so light, yet smoky. 

Surprise sake shots were just one of the many sweet touches from this night, and made for a great palate cleanser ;) 

I'm a huge fan of seafood so when this Grilled Prawn and Seafood Pasta came to the table, I mean, it was heaven. A silky onion sauce swirled throughout the pasta, while the parmesan cheese gave it a nice salty bite. This dish was nowhere near heavy, but was delicious, fresh and really tasty. 

And then we were presented with this gorgeous 5-hour slow-roasted Leg of Lamb, paired with a red-wine and mushroom sauce and pureed cauliflower and celery root. It was savory, a little hint of sweet, texturally pleasing and absolutely delicious. What a balanced dish with such great flavor. If there had to be a theme for the night other than "Italian with a twist" it would 100% be "Full of flavor." 

Then of course the night was ended with Mochi Ice Cream. This was not prepared by the Chef, but was the perfect sweet treat to top off our growing bellies. Sesame has become my new favorite flavor :)

When you meet Chef Chanse, you will immediately see the passion he has for food and his cooking. The night was inspiring and a great reminder to all of us to "do what you love" and to do it for yourself. And let's face it, we all need that nudge here and there :)

Chanse's Chef's Table is literally a place where strangers can turn into friends through a mutual love of food.  If that's what you're into, check out their Facebook page! Currently, they do one event per month and seats are limited so be sure to grab yours this month! It's an event that's worth every penny and one you'll never forget.

The bar has now been set Tampa Bay - what are you waiting for?

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