Hello September

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Well, it has certainly been awhile! All I can say is that I blame the Aries in me  and if you're into astrology like I am, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But I'm here to start fresh and when inspiration hits, you just have to go all in.  It's a great a feeling though isn't it? Feeling inspired and motivated to do what you love - a feeling I haven't felt in a long time until well, now. I'm excited and I hope you are too! This ride is going to be a little different so get ready :) 

Matt and I have been in Tampa for exactly one year now and SO much has happened. We've made lifelong friends, dined at some delicious restaurants and our home finally feels like ours. The fears I had when we first moved here all seem like vague memories now and it goes to show that God is so good. Be sure to remind me when we have to go through this about 5 more times :)

Since moving to Tampa, we found Calvary South Tampa, which is the first church we've ever felt connected to. Let me tell ya, going to church is SO much easier when you actually enjoy being there. Last night marked our first mid-week gathering/bible study and it was really great! I consider myself a newbie Christian so I'm just soaking everything in. I like to think I get nervous pretty easily, but when every single person is the kindest human being ever, you can't help but feel comfortable. 

Anyway, I made my not-so-healthy, but oh SO YUMMY chocolate chip cookies! I think they were a hit. 

Life in Tampa has been going pretty well to say the least and we're looking forward to seeing where these next 2 years take us! Oh and if you haven't heard, Matt and I started a YouTube channel - catch us there under The Refined Pair :) 

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