Girls night with Wisp and Whim!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Had the BEST girls night with Carissa from Wisp and Whim last night. There's just something about sipping on cocktails, laughing with your girls and chatting the night away about life. It was MUCH needed and reminded me how important it was to have amazing women in your life who lift you up and inspire you.

We met up in downtown Tampa at Anise Global Gastrobar and the food was absolutely delicious. Since I am on the vegan challenge, I did come across a mini bump in the road where I wasn't sure if the menu had enough options for me to choose from. Luckily they did, but I am curious as to how everyday vegans order when they go out! At the same time, I feel like I should know this answer considering my bestie from home is a vegan chef :)

This blackberry sangria was the perfect way to start our evening. Not only was it super pretty, but it was so refreshing and not too sweet.

Truffled tator tots...yes this happened! They had a creme fraiche dip on the side, but I made sure to avoid it :)

"Stinky buns" was their signature dish I believe and I mean, how cute are these little pillows of heaven? Let me tell you, once this vegan challenge is over I plan to go back and order all their different stinky bun options! They all sounded amazingly delicious.

I ordered their "Jap Chae" noodle bowl, which had gluten free noodles (I'm assuming they were rice), sautéed veggies, sesame seeds and tofu. The flavors were so good and a great vegan option if you ever find yourself at Anise!

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  1. LOL I woke up a bit dehydrated and I only had one drink! Dangerous, but oh so good :) Can't wait to go back! This time, we'll make the guys drive ;)


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