Weekend Recap: New Job!

Monday, December 08, 2014

We have WI-FI! The cable guy arrived Saturday morning and the service was quick and painless. We decided to go with Bright House, which seems like the popular choice for many people in Tampa and so far so good!

Anyway, starting the morning off with my usual - avocado toast and coffee. I love anything monogrammed so when I found this "J" cup from target, I knew I had to have it! Plus it was on sale :) And because I have a secret (but not so secret) love for the Parisian way of life, I decided to start reading, "How to be Parisian Wherever You Are - Love, Style and Bad Habits" in hopes to fulfill my dream of living like a Parisian! One can dream right? ;) 

Now that I'm connected back to the world wide web, I'm so excited to get back into blogging on a more consistent basis! And my first big announcement - I GOT A JOB!  At Wet Shave Club, which is a monthly subscription box for men's shaving products as their Social Media/Web Assistant. I started last week and I love it! The company is continually growing and I love being a part of that process. Since my life changed so suddenly becoming a wife in the military last year, the transition has been far from easy. Although I'm so thankful, I knew a part-time job was what I needed to get that balance and so far it's working! So, if you can't find me here at my blog, you can certainly find me at theirs! 

We had our realtor and her husband stop by this weekend to toast to new homeownership! Did I forget to mention that part? YES, we are officially homeowners - in case you didn't notice! :) We were so excited to really host for the first time in our new home and well, you can't have company without a cheese plate! Am I right? How cute is this one from Williams Sonoma? I'm completely obsessed with it. 

Yesterday the hubs and I decided to work on some DIY projects. 

We totally found these tables and chairs behind the garage if you can believe it! They're in great condition and if you look past their rusty appearance, they have potential to turn into french garden style furniture don't you think? Again, my obsession with the French :) 

We saw this on Pottery Barn and decided to recreate our own! Once the whole process for both projects are finished, I'll be sure to post before and after pictures. 

A productive week/weekend to say the least! It has been an exciting, crazy and stressful ride so far, but I'm happy to say it really is all coming into place. Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. Ok, firstly, that avocado toast looks ah-mazing. I love avocado toast! Yum.

    Secondly, and more importantly, congrats on the new job AND being *official* homeowners! Such great news! Your new job sounds right up your alley. Being a military wife and having to find a new job every time you move (which is a lot) is definitely tough. I know it's been tough for me. I was actively searching when we first got here in St. Pete but with events happening next spring that I've already committed to going to California for (for several weeks), and knowing we are going to be leaving again in May/June, I've kind of put the job hunt on hold... But I'm so glad you were able to find something that works for you and your schedule and your talents! Exciting :)

    Oh, and that Pottery Barn piece is awesome! Can't wait to see your DIY version!

  2. Thank you so much Carissa! And I totally know what you mean. You just never know what comes up when it comes to the military! I remember trying to find a job when Matthew and I first got married and it was so difficult. Patience is a must for sure (something I'm working on). I'm so thankful for my job now and still can't believe it's "work!" And for the first time in a long time, I feel settled and even though I know it's only for a short while, I'll take what I can get! :)

  3. Feeling settled is a sweet feeling indeed. Not really feeling it here in St. Pete, but hoping where we go next I will :) For three years at least!

  4. Congrats on your new job, babe! Good for you! I need that meats n' cheeses plate! SO CUTE!


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