Saturday Morning Market

Monday, December 15, 2014

Guys. We're talking farmer's markets today and remember that time I said lives were about to change? Consider it DONE. At least mine did. The energy, the music, bright beautiful colors left and right - I just couldn't stop taking photos. But I had to (I mean a girl's gotta eat right?). What I love about farmer's markets in general (besides their amazing produce) is their character; and THIS ONE in downtown St. Pete for sure wasn't lacking so without further ado I bring to you, Saturday Morning Market.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in St. Pete - the sun was shining and the temp got up to about 70 degrees. You could say it was the perfect day to wear a scarf or sweater. I know, I had to get used to it too ;) 

Is it just me or are fruits and veggies even more delicious knowing where they came from? I always feel healthier, brighter and cleaner - would you agree? It also helps you're saving a few bucks :) 

And then this happened. You can't go to a farmer's market like this without trying all the delicious foods being offered! My weakness? Crepes. And ones filled with banana, nutella, and toasted coconut all topped with whipped cream. YUM. 

And how GORGEOUS were these sunflowers? Regretfully we didn't bring any home, but you can bet on me never making that mistake ever again :) 

This was our first trip, but it certainly won't be our last so if you're ever in the area, be sure to check out Saturday Morning Market! It happens of course, on Saturdays, and only from October thru May. You won't be disappointed - I guarantee it!

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  1. Looks like you enjoyed yourself! I'm looking forward to a return trip when it is a bit more bustling. The day we went it was actually not crowded at all because of all the other events going on in downtown and, as a result, the cops blocking off a lot of the streets around the market, making it hard to get to. It was nice to not be crowded, but the energy was definitely missing that day. Oh, and I totally missed the crepe stand last time. Travesty!!! Haha. I LOVE Nutella and banana crepes. That's on the to-do next time we're at the market!


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