Date Night on Base

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thursday evening was International night at MacDill so naturally it became a mini date night! I threw on some heels and a little extra make up and we were off :)

International night is an event where all the coalition partners from CENTCOM get together and celebrate all the different cultures! It was fun to be on base other than for the commissary and picking up Matthew on occasion.

We stopped by Canada to get some poutine! I think the recipe was tweaked though? I'm no expert, but I was hoping for some cheese curds. Oh well, it was still tasty :)

I had my wine fix earlier from France and that was delicious! But since I was driving, I ended the night with this ginger beer from Australia. Also delicious :)

Morocco had some cute trinkets to look at! Sadly the food ran out by the time we reached their table :( I had been eyeing them all night!

I finally got to meet some of the guys the hubs works with! Everyone was so friendly. Matthew works some pretty long hours so it's nice to know he's working with a good group.

I had to take advantage of this photo op! Matthew was looking handsome as per usual and we were killing it in the shoe department ;)

That night was so fun! We love trying new things and new foods so it was a successful evening to say  the least. This morning we're headed off to Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete! I have been obsessing over this since we moved here and we finally get to go! Safe to say lives are about to change, people.

p.s. I would like to wish my very very BEST and lifelong friend, Lisa from The Vegan Pact, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day/weekend is just as amazing as you are. Wish I were home in Boston to celebrate your beautiful life, but I'll be there in spirit! You know I love you to the moon and back XOXO!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish the Coast Guard did International Night. Or any fun events for that matter, ha. But sampling a bunch of different food and drinks is always right up my alley! By the way, I love your shoe shot! You guys really were workin' it south of the ankles that night :)

  2. I was pestering the hubs about it because back in San Diego they did a holiday party. He found out that they ARE doing one on Friday, but it's at a sports bar and it's an ugly sweater themed party. Ugh! I was hoping for something fancier... To dress up and go to a nice hotel, like we did in SD. I'd go if the one other USCG couple we know was going, but they weren't thrilled by the planned party either, so I think we're going to go out and do something else.

  3. "we were killing it in the shoe department ;)" LOL! I love you, Jennifer! This looked like so much fun and you looked ridiculously cute in your outfit! Happy birthday to Lisa!

  4. LOL love you too, Kristen!! And thank you, it was such a fun night! Hope your holiday season is going well in the ATL! xoxo


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