Almost Home!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Officially had breakfast at the new house today! We were able to move in this past Friday and it feels AMAZING. There's still so much left to do before closing, but we're almost there!

I knew it would be an early start today so I took out one of the ONE MILLION mason jars we apparently had in storage and whipped up some overnight oats. I used the basic recipe - oats soaked in almond milk overnight and then topped with fruit and nuts the next morning. I'll be sure to post a few of my favorite flavor combinations soon!

The state of our home currently looks like this. Stuff is EVERYWHERE and my anxiety levels are a little high, but the good news is we have most of our things out of storage. We're still waiting on one more shipment, but everything we need is pretty much here, yay!

The plan this week is to clean and organize! I won't lie, unpacking is one of my least favorite things to do and I dread it every time. You're looking at piles of stuff and unsure of where to put everything... I mean, it's stressful. On the bright side we ARE rediscovering every single amazing thing we bought in Okinawa - hand-blown glasses, pottery, paintings, etc.! Christmas is just around the corner, but it felt like it came early and I'm excited to put them to good use!

And in case you didn't notice, L&P got a bit of a mini-makeover thanks to 17th Avenue Designs! They make beautiful custom designs, but if you're looking for a fresh look in a pinch like I was, they also sell pre-made templates for Blogger and Wordpress. I love it! Don't you? :)

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  1. Unpacking is definitely the least fun part of moving so I wish you the best of luck! Your house is going to be a beautiful little sanctuary when you're all done with it. Enjoy the journey! <3

  2. AWESOME!!! Sooooooo exciting!!! So happy for you guys!

  3. Don't worry Jen, it'll all get done. Just take it one day at a time. How fun to decorate though! We've lived in our house for almost 22 years, I dread moving someday...

  4. Moving is stressful, for many reasons, and one of the things I most dislike/don't look forward to continuing when it comes to military life. BUT, it's part of the gig and will be a fact of life for me for the next 12 years. I totally understand though. Unpacking can feel so overwhelming when you have a million boxes staring at you. It is fun though to rediscover forgotten items and put things in their proper place. When we moved to St. Pete I took the unpacking as an opportunity to redecorate. We got some new stuff, but mostly I just used existing items in new ways. It felt good since previously we were living in Greg's condo and I wasn't part of the process of making that house a home. Anyway, I say all that to say... Enjoy the process as much as you can. It's an exciting time! :)

    And I DID notice the mini-makeover. I LOVE it! I already hopped over to 17th Avenue Designs and browsed their templates. Lots of cute options. Even though I already spent time giving my blog a mini-makeover, now I want another one! ;)

  5. Carissa, you are absolutely right! I have to look on the brighter side of things and just like you, I had lived in Matt's apartment before this so now I'll have the opportunity to decorate and make it OUR home :) This makes me feel better already, thank you!!

    And YAY, so glad you love the new layout and were able to check out some options for yourself! I'm constantly changing the look of my blog so I totally get it! Why settle when there are so many cute options! :)

  6. Thank you Aunt Kim!! I'm taking it day by day and so far it has helped! :)

  7. Thanks Kristen!!! I can't wait to share pics once it's all done! xoxo

  8. keep it up! moving is stressful (especially 'unpacking' part) but it seems like you are doing great.
    i'm following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

  9. Thank you so much! I'm trying to do the best that I can for sure :) And I'll definitely check you out! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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