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Friday, March 28, 2014

First OOTD post! Or 'Outfit of the Day' for those wondering what that stands for.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I love reading up on trends and feeling inspired, not to mention researching and adding pieces to my own closet.

Top: F21 (No longer available- similar here) // Skirt: F21 // Watch: Nordstrom(Similar here) // Shoes: Demure (Okinawan store) Sunglasses: (Okinawan store) // Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel (sold out)

My style absolutely depends on my mood and I love switching it up between high-end staples and trendy bargain pieces - or a mixture of both!

The ease of this outfit was my favorite part. Cropped sweater and a maxi skirt? Can't go wrong. On this particular day, the weather was starting to warm up (yes, 60 degrees is shockingly considered chilly here) and I wanted to be in spring-mode since I was missing out in the states. I found this outfit to be perfect and was extra comfortable walking in my boots all day.

Okay, I've got a question….what does it mean when the husband's away on business? Easy, GIRLS NIGHTS! And household business of course ;)

My good friend, Maria knows her way around the island and thank God for that. Because of her I've been able to try all types of restaurants - she loves good food just as much as I do!

This ferris wheel is pretty famous here on island. It's right off route 58 and if you spot it, you have officially arrived at American Village…no seriously guys, this food and shopping extravaganza is actually called 'American Village.' Yes, you can find plenty of Americans here, but you can also find just as many locals and mainland vacationers. 

Maria and I decided to steer away from Japanese cuisine and had lunch at a Peruvian place called 'Casa de Carmen.' To be honest, I wasn't thinking and completely forgot to take photos! It was a cute little restaurant with some tasty dishes…I got a cilantro pork and rice dish, while Maria got a dish with chicken and rice. The flavors were bold and delicious. 

Our friend Tomoko joined us later for dessert and dinner…in that order of course!

We took a trip along the seawall to have dinner at the 'Seagarden' (See how they did that?). One thing ALL restaurants in Japan have in common? Impeccable service. Here, they gave us a forewarning that dinner would take 15 minutes and apologized.  The part that amazes me the most is that you don't tip in Japan. Don't even try it because they will refuse. It took some getting used to, but the transition was easy :)

The food here was of course delicious! Our appetizer was a cheese dip that resembled alfredo and we each got an entree that consisted of yummy fish and vegetables. The atmosphere was great as well…perfect for future date nights with Matthew. 

Of course you can't have a girl's night without cocktails! We opted for mocktails that night because we know how to get down on a Sunday.

This was an extra fun post to write so I'm definitely looking forward to writing more of these. And with better quality pictures! On that note, happy Friday to my friends in the states! I'm off to another girl's night…this time, with real cocktails. 

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  1. Looks like you are enjoying your new life. So excited for you.

    1. Thank you so much Jean and thanks for reading! :)

  2. You're so adorable, Jen! I love your outfit, and your adventure out with the ladies looked like so much fun! I can't believe you don't tip? Very interesting!

  3. Oh and just a suggestion from one blogger to another - def consider installing Disqus as your comment host. It really engages people SO much more than the standard Blogger comment box because people are notified/emailed when/if you reply to their comment. I used Blogger's standard comment thing for a long time and when I installed Disqus, I was amazed at how many more comments I got and how people truly started interacting with me as opposed to leaving a comment and being on their merrry way. I guess I didn't realize at first that people weren't aware that I'd replied! Anywho, it's a completely free thing and it's SUPER easy to install. If this technology dunce can do it, ANYONE can! Anywho, that's just something I wish I'd known right off the bat so I thought I'd share in case you wanted to try it out!

    XOXO! :D

  4. Ahh Thank you SO MUCH for the tip Kristen (aka forever KrisaBee to me)!! I will definitely do that. And it's funny you say that, I was just scrolling through and thought to myself, "I don't remember this post having 4 comments!" LOL. You are the best!! xoxo!!

  5. I LOVE this and want your outfit ASAP!


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